Watched Journal: January 2024


What I watched in January.

1-4: Where Danger Lives [TCM]

1-6: Ferrari [Landmark Midtown Art], Palmetto [Warner Archive Blu-ray]

1-9: Deathtrap [TCM], Chinatown Kid [Arrow Blu-ray]

1-10: St. Ives [Shout Factory Blu-ray]

1-17: Wonka [AMC Madison Yards]

1-18: Mississippi Burning [TCM], Uptight [Imprint Blu-ray]

1-19: The Fall of Minneapolis [YouTube]

1-20: Consenting Adults (Pakula, 1992) [DVD], Relentless 3 [Amazon]

1-21: Men (Garland, 2022) [Blu-ray], Relentless IV: Ashes to Ashes [Amazon]

1-22: The Yards [Criterion]

1-23: Kevin James: Irregardless [Prime]

1-24: Thunder Road [TCM]

1-26: Maestro [Netflix]

1-27: Poor Things [Landmark Midtown Art]

1-28: The Five Venoms [Arrow Blu-ray], The Holdovers [Amazon]

1-29: American Fiction [AMC Madison Yards], Anatomy of a Fall [Amazon]

1-30: JFK [Shout 4K UHD], Breakout (Gries, 1975) [Kino Blu-ray]


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