Oscar Preview Part II: Thoughts and predictions

The Oscars are tomorrow and despite my best efforts, I was not able to watch all of the Best Picture nominees in time for Sunday's award show. Based on my impressions and from the general consensus, the two films I didn't catch -- Hidden Figures and Lion -- seem to be after thoughts compared to the heavily favored fare of La La Land, Moonlight and ..... is there a third runner up?

Let's take a look at those Best Picture picks..

La La Land
-It's the favorite, it's deserving and will probably win.

-Definitely the critic's choice and absolutely deserving of all its accolades. Unlike many critically lauded films that have gone on to win awards, Moonlight is different in that it's a watershed movie and totally unforgettable. That stark, beautiful movie poster is going to be just as bootlegged and influential as Al Pacino's Scarface artwork is someday.

-Fences strikes a happy medium between La La Land and Moonlight and it's just as good as both films and is my prediction to take the Best Picture Oscar home on Sunday.

Manchester By The Sea
-New England Clam Sorrow. It's a solid film but as time goes by it just doesn't stick with me as much as Moonlight in terms of endearment. Tomorrow, it's no Ordinary People.

Hidden Figures
-Again, I haven't watch it yet but I would've traded my time watching this for Hell or High Water, which is also nominated and is totally NOT a Best Picture.

Hacksaw Ridge
-Good film, however I feel Nocturnal Animals or The Lobster is more deserving of a nod than Mel's comeback.


-Slumdog Orphan? However, this film does look pretty darn good.

Best Actor
Casey or Denzel? Give me Denzel. He was Denzel as Troy Maxson, but he kicked ass.

Best Actress
Prediction: Ruth Negga

Best Supporting Actor
Now here's the deal, Mahershala Ali has had an incredible run this year with Moonlight, Kicks and Hidden Figures, but Michael Shannon did have the single greatest performance for Nocturnal Animals in this category. Ali was probably the "actor of the year, period" but Shannon has the best act. It's a toss up for me here. Both are deserving and Shannon is a bit due cause the man has put in a lot of work.

Best Supporting Actress
It's Viola Davis.

Best Director
This is a coin-flip between Jenkins and Chazelle. Wouldn't it be amusing if Lonergan swooped in for the win...

Best Score
La La Land will win and it probably should but goddamnit Mica Levi's music in Jackie was about 60% of the reason that film was any good.

The snubs:

-Nocturnal Animals was majorly slept on for Best Picture, Director, Score and Cinematography.

-The Lobster was robbed of a Best Picture nod and I would say Colin Farrell was dissed for Best Actor.

-Timothy Spall should've been nominated (and won) for Best Supporting Actor for his insane performance as Holocaust denier David Irving in Denial

-The Neon Demon not being recognized for its photography or score is a crime.

-Mykelti Williamson was deserving of a Best Supporting Actor nod as Troy Maxson's brother Gabe in Fences.


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