Watched Journal: April - May 2023

I'm a month behind in posting my monthly watched journal. I was busy, but I still found time to watch a bunch of stuff in May, including a trip to The Plaza Theatre for Ari Aster's new film, Beau is Afraid. Packed into auditorium 3, also known as The Mike, I watched Joaquin Phoenix give another stellar performance as Beau, a mentally disturbed man who is afraid to leave his gross apartment, but it turns out for good reason as the street outside is a hellish combination of Skid Row, The Purge and Grand Theft Auto. But when he learns that his mother has died, he must brave the outside world to make it back home. What follows is a cinematic acid trip, a neurotic Everything Everwhere All at Once with dashes of Albert Brook's classic Defending Your Life. As dread inducing as Midsommer and Hereditary before it, Beau is Afraid is an ambitious rollercoaster with insane highs and dark plunges, all the while nervous laughter is spilling about.

What I watched in April:

4-2: Town & Country [Tubi]

4-3: The Spook Who Sat by the Door [DVD]

4-4: Death Warrant [Scorpion Blu-ray]

4-5: All American High: Revisited [Tubi]

4-6: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon [Criterion]

4-8: The Rose (1979, Mark Rydell) [Criterion Blu-ray]

4-9: Murder Mystery 2 [Netflix]

4-10: Radio On [Criterion]

4-11: State of Siege [Criterion]

4-13: Morvern Callar [Fun City Editions Blu-ray], Faithful (1996, Paul Mazursky) [VHS]

4-14: John Wick: Chapter 4 [AMC Madison Yards], Broadcast Signal Intrusion [Showtime]

4-15: The Stone Killer [Indicator Blu-ray]

4-16: City of Lies [Blu-ray]

4-17: The Terminator [MGM DVD], Terminator 2: Judgement Day [Blu-ray], Phone Booth [DVD]

4-19: The Wild One [Indicator Blu-ray]

4-21: Jagged Edge [Indicator Blu-ray]

4-24: Madigan [Indicator Blu-ray]

4-25: Roadgames [Indicator Blu-ray]

4-27: Alex’s War [Roku]

4-28: Strange Days (1995, Kathryn Bigelow) [HBO]

4-30: Sharper [Apple]

What I watched in May:

5-1: BEEF [Netflix]

5-2: Black Sunday (1977, John Frankenheimer) [Arrow Blu-ray]

5-3: God of Gamblers [88 Films Blu-ray]

5-5: Sour Grapes (1998, Larry David) [Tubi]

5-6: Emily The Criminal [Blu-ray]

5-7: Miami Blues [Criterion]

5-8: 52 Pick Up [Tubi]

5-10: Death Wish 4: The Crackdown [Prime]

5-12: Death Wish V: The Face of Death [Prime]

5-15: Beau Is Afraid [Plaza Theatre]

5-16: Catchfire  [Tubi]

5-17: Air (2023, Ben Affleck) [Prime], The Black Marble [Kino Blu-ray]

5-19: John Mulaney : Baby J [Netflix]

5-23: American Graffiti [Netflix]

5-24: Grand Slam (1967, Giuliano Montaldo) [Kino Blu-ray]

5-25: Postcards From The Edge [MAX]

5-26: Missing (2023) [Netflix]

5-28: Last Embrace [Tubi]

5-29: Pale Flower [Criterion Blu-ray]

5-30: Fuzz [Kino Blu-ray]


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