Watched Journal: December 2021

What I watched in December.

12-2: Heaven Can Wait (1978) [Blu-ray], Love Story (1970) [Blu-ray]
12-4: You’re Watching Video Music Box [Showtime]
12-5: Free Guy [Amazon], The Split [TCM]
12-6: Reds [Blu-ray]
12-7: Georgetown [Amazon]
12-9: Throw Down [Blu-ray], Fight Club [Prime]
12-13: Gattaca [Hulu], Nighthawks [Blu-ray]
12-14: Blue City [Hulu], Music Box: Mr. Saturday Night [HBO]
12-15: Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins [Amazon]
12-16: Havana (1990) [Blu-ray]
12-17: Mulholland Drive [4K Blu], The Murders at Starved Rock [HBO]
12-19: King Richard [HBO], All The President’s Men [HBO]
12-20: The Beta Test [Amazon], Bully. Victim. Coward. The Story of Roy Cohn [HBO]
12-21: The Valachi Papers [Criterion], Gods and Monsters [HBO]
12-22: King of Kings [TCM]
12-23: After The Sunset (2004) [HBO]
12-24: The Matrix Resurrections [HBO]
12-26: Don’t Look Up [Netflix], Tough Guys Don’t Dance [Blu-ray], Emma Mae [Blu-ray]
12-27: Welcome Home Brother Charles [Blu-ray]
12-28: Minari [Blu-ray], The Day of The Jackal (1973) [Criterion]
12-29: Bad Influence [Criterion], JFK [HBO]
12-30: Smoke (1995) [Criterion], Encounter (2021) [Prime], tick, tick…BOOM! [Netflix]


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