Watched Journal: November 2021

What I watched in November.

11-4: Prince of the City [Blu-ray]
11-5: Junior (1994) [Showtime]
11-6: Niagara [Criterion]
11-7: Little Murders (1971) [Criterion]
11-8: Bulworth [DVD]
11-9: The Gentleman [Showtime], The Last Tycoon [Criterion]
11-10: High Sierra [Blu-ray]
11-11: Raining in the Mountain [Criterion]
11-12: Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar [Hulu], L.A. Story [Blu-ray]
11-13: Home for the Holidays [Roku]
11-14: Affliction [Tubi]
11-15: Poison [Criterion]
11-18: Cape Fear (1962) [Criterion]
11-24: JFK: Through the Looking Glass [Showtime]
11-27: 8-Bit Christmas [HBO]
11-28: Angel Face (1953) [Criterion], The Big Steal (1949) [Criterion]
11-30: Three The Hard Way [TCM]


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