Watched Journal: September 2021


What I watched in September.

9-1: Heist (2001) [Tubi], Gumshoe [Blu-ray]
9-4: The Birds [Blu-ray]
9-5: Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror [Netflix]
9-6: Homicide [Criterion]
9-7: Frontline: America after 9/11 [YouTube]
9-8: 9/11 [Tubi]
9-9: The Card Counter [Metrograph]
9-12: Reminiscence [HBO]
9-13: I Start Counting [Blu-ray]
9-15: Drive a Crooked Road [TCM]
9-16: Getting Straight [TCM]
9-17: Magnificent Obsession (1954) [Blu-ray]
9-20: Zola [Blu-ray], The Beach Bum [Hulu]
9-22: The Last Run [TCM]
9-24: The Fugitive Kind [TCM], The Chair [Netflix]
9-25: Flesh and Bone (1993) [Prime], Cry Macho [HBO], Rancho Deluxe [Blu-ray]
9-26: The Paper Chase [TCM], The Reagans [Showtime]
9-27: 2046 [Criterion]
9-28: Bitter Lake (Adam Curtis, 2015) [YouTube]
9-29: Straight Time [Blu-ray], Sharky’s Machine [Blu-ray]
9-30: Devil in a Blue Dress [Showtime]


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