Watched Journal: June 2021

What I watched in June.

6-2: The Mission [Criterion]
6-3: Ocean’s Eleven [HBO]
6-4: The Blues Brothers [Blu-ray], Once Upon a Time… In Hollywood [Blu-ray]
6-5: I Care A Lot [Netflix], Macao [Criterion]
6-9: Let it Ride [Paramount+]
6-10: Heroes Shed No Tears [Blu-ray]
6-11: The Last Movie [Criterion], Striptease [Tubi]
6-12: The Hangover Trilogy [TV]
6-13: The Gambler [Criterion]
6-15: Hiding Out [TCM], To Die For [Hulu]
6-18: Night of the Running Man [Prime]
6-19: Over The Edge [Amazon], Walking the Edge [Blu-ray]
6-20: White Line Fever [TCM]
6-21: MLK/FBI [Hulu]
6-23: True Romance [HBO]
6-27: The Thief Who Came to Dinner [TCM], But I’m a Cheerleader [Tubi], I Love You, Phillip Morris [Tubi], Seven (2020) [Amazon]
6-28: Cockfighter [Tubi]
6-29: Night Game [Tubi]


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