Watched Journal: May 2021

What I watched in May.

Two of the best films I watched this month ("Smile", "Alphabet City") were new blu-ray releases from upstart boutique label, Fun City Editions, who have been uncovering forgotten gems. They are prepping a release of the Jeff Bridges, Sam Waterston neo-western hang-out from Frank Perry, "Rancho Deluxe" (which you can currently stream for free on Tubi). I highly recommend checking FCE out. It's like if Twilight Time had awesome packaging, restorations and special features - with better pricing to boot (they are partnered with Vinegar Syndrome). 

5-1: Tenet [HBO]
5-3: Fahrenheit 9/11 [Tubi]
5-4: Tough Guys Don’t Dance [DVD],
The Woman Who Wasn’t There [Tubi]
5-7: Borderline [Prime]
5-8: Wolf [Criterion]
5-9: Heartburn [Prime]
5-10: The One I Love [Netflix]
5-11: Miami Vice [Peacock]
5-14: Grease 2 [TCM], Smile [Blu-ray]
5-15: The Thief Who Came To Dinner [VHS], The Big Bounce [DVD]
5-16: Cop [Prime]
5-21: M*A*S*H [Criterion]
5-22: The Sons of Sam [Netflix]
5-23: Run Lola Run [TCM]
5-24: Alphabet City [Blu-ray]
5-27: Quick Change [Blu-ray]
5-28: Secret Honor [Criterion]
5-30: Fantastic Mr. Fox [Blu-ray]
5-31: Cruella [Disney+], Rancho Deluxe [Tubi]


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