Watched Journal: April 2021

What I watched in April.

4-4: Shoplifters of The World [Prime], Blake Edwards’ That’s Life [Criterion]
4-6: A Shock to the System [HBO]
4-8: Shaft’s Big Score! [Criterion]
4-10: California Split [Criterion]
4-11: Wag the Dog [HBO]
4-12: Dark City (1950) [Criterion]
4-15: Croupier [Criterion]
4-17: The Only Game in Town [Blu-ray]
420: The Ninth Configuration [Criterion],
Office Space [Blu-ray]
4-22: Finder’s Fee [DVD], Partners [Blu-ray], Uncle Tom [Prime]
4-23: WeWork [Hulu]
4-24: John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise [Peacock], Mortal Kombat (2021) [HBO],
Promising Young Woman [Prime]
4-26: Election [Prime]
4-27: The Gentleman Bandit [DVD]
4-28: Green Ice [Prime]
4-29: Pillow Talk [TCM], Rent-a-Cop [Prime], Heat (1986) [Tubi]


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