Watched Journal: March 2021


What I watched in March.

Watched some pretty great documentarys this part March, including the latest archival paranoia masterpiece from Adam Curtis, Can’t Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of The Modern World, which Curtis has posted all 6 episodes of the mammoth BBC doc on his YouTube Page.
I also started the first couple of episodes of Q: Into the Storm, the HBO MAX docu-series on Q-Anon, which is fucking bonkers. 

3-2: Voyager (‘91) [Prime], The Parallax View [Blu-ray]
3-3: Pale Flower [Criterion], Best in Show [HBO], A New Leaf [Criterion]
3-4: The Mattei Affair [Criterion]
3-5: A Face in the Crowd [Blu-ray]
3-6: Coming 2 America [Prime], 48 Hrs [Prime]
3-7: Mulholland Drive [HBO]
3-9: The Player w/ 1992 Robert Altman commentary [Criterion]
3-10: The Kid Detective [Redbox]
3-11: Crack: Cocaine, Corruption and Conspiracy [Netflix]
3-12: Smooth Talk [Blu-ray]
3-13: Spree [Hulu], Taxi Driver [Blu-ray], The Prince [Blu-ray]
3.14 Pi [HBO]
3-16: Speed [HBO], The Informers [Blu-ray]
3-17: The Trial of the Chicago 7 [Netflix]
3-21: White Sands [Prime]
3-24: Rushmore [Prime], Badlands [Criterion]
3-25: Some Kind of Heaven [Prime]
3-26: Zach Snyder’s Justice League [HBO]
3-28: California Suite [Criterion]
3-29: A Hidden Life [HBO]
3-31: American Dream [Criterion]


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