Watched Journal: January 2021


Inspired by Steven Soderbergh's 'Seen,Read' yearly lists that he posts to his 'Soderblog', this year I'll post the films and relevant TV (limited series, docu-series, etc.) that I've watched for each past month. Hopefully there will be plenty of good discoveries and things worth revisiting.


January 2021:

1-1: The Boys In The Band (2020) [Netflex]
1-2: Soul [Disney+], The Morning After [Criterion Channel]
1-3: Twilight (1998) [Prime]
1-4: Casino [4K UHD], Ordinary People [Criterion]
1-5: Le Cercle Rouge [Criterion]
1-8: Palm Springs [Hulu]
1-9: Ishtar, [Blu-ray], The Nickel Ride [DVD]
1-10: The New World [Criterion]
1-11: The Last of Sheila [TCM]
1-12: My Cousin Vinny [TV]
1-13: Domino Principle [Prime]
1-15: Winter Kills [Prime]
1-16: 21 Bridges [Blu-ray], Jasper Mall [Prime]
1-17: The Hot Spot [Pluto]
1-18: One Night in Miami [Prime]
1-20: Fun with Dick and Jane (77) [Criterion]
1-22: Breathless (83) [Prime], #Unfit [Prime]
1-23: Jesse Stone: Stone Cold [Prime], Jesse Stone: Night Passage [Pluto]
1-24: Running on Empty [TCM]
1-26: Wild Palms, episodes 1-3 [Blu-ray]
1-27: Wild Palms, episodes 4-5 [Blu-ray]
1-28: Buried Alive [Blu-ray], Night Stalker [Netflix]
1-29: Race with the Devil [FXM], the little things [HBO]
1-30: It Could Happen to You [TCM]
1-31: Pretend It’s a City [Netflix], The Late Show [TCM]


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