Oscar Preview Part II: Thoughts and predictions

The 90th Academy Awards are this Sunday and there can't possibly be a bigger screw-up at this year's show than last year's Best Picture envelope opening fiasco. There are some really good films being nominated this year so let's get right into this...

Best Picture:

Call Me by your Name - it would be awesome if two gay themed movies won the big Oscar award two years in a row, CMBYN is deserving and a great film, but I just don't see it winning against some of the other big dogs... but stranger things have happened.

Darkest Hour - omfg no! This was just a really boring Masterpiece theater reject.

Dunkirk - Christopher Nolan is obviously a visionary -- but Dunkirk lacked vigor and passion, character development and a plot worth buying into.

Get Out - Reader of this blog know I loved Get Out, it would be absolutely amazing if this won and it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Lady Bird - I much would've preferred to see The Florida Project nominated in place of Lady Bird because it's a much better coming of age film, but Lady Bird could be the dark horse winner on Sunday night.

Phantom Thread - Jennifer Lawrence turned it off after 3 minutes and I think that's the best way to sum up its Oscar chances.

The Post - Blade Runner 2049 should've been nominated instead of this movie that wants to be Spotlight and All The President's Men but it's neither.

The Shape of Water - The best film out of all the nominated ones and my prediction for winner.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Will probably win Best Picture.

Best Director:
It would be very cool to see first-timers Jordan Peele or Greta Gerwig snag this trophy, but Guillermo del Toro should win and I think he will.

Best Actor:
It seems Gary Oldman is a lock for his Winston Churchill impression in Darkest Hour, where eats a lot and bitches at women in a really nasally British voice. It's probably the best out of the nominees, despite the rule that Daniel Day Lewis automatically wins Best Actor whenever he is nominated. I'm still pissed Robert Pattinson didn't even get nominated for Good Time.

Best Actress:
I thought Sally Hawkins' performance was absolutely stunning and beautiful in The Shape of Water and in many ways she was a much "stronger woman" than the role Frances McDormand played in Three Billboards. I predict Hawkins.

Best Supporting Actor
It's really assholes versus nice guys in this category. As much as I'd like to see Willem Dafoe or Richard Jenkins win for their portrayals as really good guys, I think Sam Rockwell is picking up another trophy for playing the racist cop.

Best Supporting Actress
Lord, please let Laurie Metcalf win!

Original Screenplay
The Shape of Water... yeah I heard it was ripped off from some playwright, whatever, I don't care!

Adapted Screenplay
Call Me by Your Name, right?

And finally, Blade Runner 2049 better win any awards it's nominated for.


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