2016 Degrees: 50 favorite songs of the year

Another year, another Spotify playlist full of great music.

Many have wrote that 2016 was the year of the "video" or "visual" album thanks to Beyonce, KanYe, Frank Ocean etc. -- but really it was a great year for full albums, not just singles to be streamed. There were plenty of young artists coming into their own (Chance The Rapper, Blood Orange) along with solid returns from legends (Radiohead, Iggy Pop).

David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) gave us bittersweet swan songs, and those zombies The Rolling Stones even came back to their roots with a blues record that is hella fun. Television and the cinema also featured some great compositions from The Night Of and Stranger Things to The Neon Demon and Arrival.

I typically keep these Spotify yearly playlists to twenty or so songs, but it felt right to expand to 50 songs this year, to showcase some deep album cuts and multiple tracks from many artists that put out fantastic records.

Click and enjoy...


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