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The neon nutso of Robert Pattinson in "Good Time" (2017 - Ben & Josh Safdie)

I always loved the show COPS because of its mix of mysterious reality and adrenaline rush -- the seedy locales where patrol cars pull over a suspicious vehicle cruising down a desolate block late at night and proceed to giving chase, cameraman running in tow. Giving a raw glimpse into the criminal underworld, these lawbreakers are not glamorous "Goodfellas" with slick swagger, most are bad liars and slow runners; their capers poorly planned and executed.

In Good Time, a gritty throwback to grimy '70's New York crimewave hysteria such as Mean Streets and Death Wish, it feels as if the camera on COPS is focused from the perspective of the petty criminal, rewinding to get the raw backstories. The film gestures to this when nutcase Connie Nikas (Robert Pattinson) is slouching on the couch watching an episode of COPS and then later on flips to live news reports about himself being a wanted fugitive.

Good Time is a claustrophobic thriller from the opening frame, where we m…