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Oscar Preview Part II: Thoughts and predictions

The 90th Academy Awards are this Sunday and there can't possibly be a bigger screw-up at this year's show than last year's Best Picture envelope opening fiasco. There are some really good films being nominated this year so let's get right into this...

Best Picture:

Call Me by your Name - it would be awesome if two gay themed movies won the big Oscar award two years in a row, CMBYN is deserving and a great film, but I just don't see it winning against some of the other big dogs... but stranger things have happened.

Darkest Hour - omfg no! This was just a really boring Masterpiece theater reject.

Dunkirk - Christopher Nolan is obviously a visionary -- but Dunkirk lacked vigor and passion, character development and a plot worth buying into.

Get Out - Reader of this blog know I loved Get Out, it would be absolutely amazing if this won and it's not out of the realm of possibility.

Lady Bird - I much would've preferred to see The Florida Project nominated in place of