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Big Egos: HBO's documentaries on Rolling Stone and Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine

In the case of Rolling Stone, size does matter. It seems when the magazine shrunk in print size its significance went along with it. When I was a kid discovering music in the '90's, Rolling Stone still had some edge to it, with its risque Janet Jackson hand-full of boobs cover that made the oversized rag feel like the sexy rock-n-roll magazine. HBO's new documentary Stories from the Edge chronicles the rise and fall of the publication from its roots in the '60's counterculture of San Francisco to its disgraced retraction of the UVA campus rape story in 2014. The tale of the young founding publisher Jann Wenner and his then girlfriend, soon to be wife Jane (and then ex-wife, Wenner's coming out later in life and living as a partnered gay man is curiously omitted) took roots at the legendary Monterey Pop Festival, with Jimi Hendrix's guitar pyrotechnics and Otis Redding's soulful stammering.

What is shown in the two-part series is what's important to…