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Sean Connery's Cold Wars: The Glasnost politics of 1990's "The Russia House" -- The kangaroo justice in 1972's "The Offence" and its parallels with Fritz Lang's 1931 pre-Nazi Germany classic "M"

Sean Connery will always be remembered as Bond, James Bond. And who could forget the famous quote turned internet meme "You're the man now, dog!" from his late-career turn in 2000's Finding Forrester. But beyond playing the original 007 in the swingin' sixties (and even a hilarious middle-aged reprisal in the '70s and '83's Never Say Never Again), Connery is one of the screen's most beloved treasures, with a diverse filmography that stretches from '70's heist thrillers such as The Anderson Tapes, working with Hitchcock in Marnie, playing Indiana Jones' father or his Oscar winning role as Jim Malone in Brian De Palma's The Untouchables (1987).

But deep in Connery's canon are some rare gems including The Offence, a chilly psychological thriller from 1972 directed by the great Sidney Lument (A Dog Day Afternoon, Network, 12 Angry Men, etc etc). The Offence is a morbid masterpiece, a gloomy slice of police-procedural noir that finds…

Traffic Jam: Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver" (2017)

I was cruising on Lake Shore Drive en-route to catch Baby Driver on the big screen when my low tire-pressure light started glowing from my dashboard. I didn't panic, I was in control and felt cool, calm and collected in my blue-mirrored sunglasses. I knew, just knew, that I would find a gas station on way to the Kerasotes ShowPlace Icon. But would that service station have an air machine? Would it be quarters only, would I be able to find change or an ATM on Sunday in quick enough time to not miss the afternoon matinee start time? There was some suspense gripping the steering wheel suddenly as I pondered my fate.  What if my blue Honda Accord had a blowout on Lake Shore? I do have a smartphone and a credit card, I wouldn't be stranded. But talk about a fucking inconvenience. I knew I should've taken an Uber.

I did make it safely to the theater, on time to see the latest Blade Runner 2049 trailer featuring Ryan Gosling glaring at a grizzly Harrison Ford. In Baby Driver, An…